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Chicago Farmer's Markets

Chicago Farmer's Markets

Site Redesign

This project was a study for developing user flow to drive a fast turn around prototype. The prototype was to test upper level features (horizontal flow instead of detailed vertical flow).

What is it? Chicago Farmers Markets website redesign. Mobile first design. Who is it for? New or existing Chicago area farmers markets customers and vendors. What will it do? Intention of this team project is to create an easily accessible site with centralized information on all seasonal farmers market events in the city of Chicago. People intending to find information about upcoming markets can look the markets up by neighborhood, and by day of the week the market is held. Businesses intending to apply to participate in upcoming markets would also be able to easily find how and where to access the application to become a vendor.
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User Scenario 1 - Ability to search and locate markets
User Story:
As a first time Farmer’s Market visitor/user, I want to be able to locate nearby farmer’s market information, so that I can educate myself on the offerings of my local Farmer’s Market(s).
Description and background:
Fulfills Sarah Saffron persona. The user frequently sees his friends post on social media about being at Farmer’s markets within the city of Chicago. They has no idea where and when they are, or what specific products they have. He wants to be able to quickly look up the location, times, and general market info on nearby Farmer’s Markets.
Acceptance Criteria:
  • Search by lists and search by "find a market by me" button
  • Stretch goal:
  • They could search by the map

  • User Scenario 2 - Vendor Application User Story: As a local organic produce farmer, I want to be able to apply to be a Chicago Farmer’s Market vendor online, so that I can complete the application process remotely. Description and background: Paul is a local organic vegetable grower. He has never been a vendor at the Chicago Farmer’s Markets. His time is valuable, and he wishes to complete the Farmer’s Market vendor application process remotely.
    User is already on the vendor home page Acceptance Criteria:
  • Vendor home page has a “Apply to be a vendor” button which takes user to a vendor application form
  • Task 1 - Ability to search and locate markets
    Flow 1 wirframe image Flow 2 wirframe image Task 2 - Vendor Application wireframe image

    In continuation from the previous phase of this project it was decided to follow the initial site map, with one alteration, a navigation term change. Vendor Application was changed to Vendor Resources based on heuristic evaluation of the sitemap. Moving forward, representative task flows would be defined and mapped for every interaction and feature.